Mission and Objectives

By Editor CI

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Nov 11, 2014 - 9:17 AM

Caucasus International (CI) is a foreign policy journal based in Baku and published by the Center for Strategic Studies (SAM) in Baku. Published quarterly since 2011, the journal covers issues of politics, society and the economy pertaining to the Caucasus. CI is the first journal, in both substance and quality, to provide a platform for debate among scholars from all the countries of the South Caucasus and Turkey.  


Our main goal is to foster an intellectual forum for contemplative dialogue and meaningful involvement in as broad a community as possible. Each issue focuses on a global or regional theme and includes perspectives from authors of different countries and backgrounds. The journal largely concentrates on the Caucasus neighbourhood, but is doing so within a global context. The journal welcomes lucid, well documented papers on other countries and regions including especially Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, and the United States, as well as on all aspects of international affairs, from all political viewpoints. CI’s key goal is to foster stimulating dialogue and exchange of ideas on the Caucasus and beyond among practitioners, researchers and theorists from the region itself and abroad. The  journal aims to contribute to and encourage academic debate on a wide range of economic, political and social issues in the Caucasus region as a whole, as well as within the individual countries. CI’s focus on the region and its neighborhood is informed and guided by a strong awareness of the global context.

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