Connectivity in Eurasia: Implications for South Caucasus Region

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Jan 4, 2019 - 3:58 PM

Dear Readers,


We are happy to announce that a new issue (Vol. 8 • No: 2 • Winter 2018) of Caucasus International (CI) Journal entitled “Connectivity in Eurasia: Implications for South Caucasus Region” has been released.


The current issue is dedicated the transportation and transit routes in Eurasia, the new transport initiatives of the regional and small countries, and the repercussions of all these for the economic stability and security of the South Caucasus states. While analyzing the transportation routes, the authors also reflected their views on the utilization of these projects as soft power instruments over the bilateral relations of these countries with other international/regional actors. 


The issue starts with the Colloquy on the achievements Azerbaijan hitherto made in transforming itself to transportation hub. Journal also presents one subject-matter and two off-topic commentaries regarding the recent political developments in Armenia and Georgia.

As usual, the issue also accommodates the Book Review (S. Frederick Starr & Svante E. Cornell’s “The Long Game on the Silk Road: US and EU Strategy for Central Asia and the Caucasus”) and Caucasus under Review sections, providing an overview of recently published books.


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